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The Importance of Safety during your Newborn Session

Unfortunately the photography world is not regulated. Anyone can get a half decent camera, claim they are a professional newborn photographer, and start working with newborn babies without exercising proper safety precautions.   I don’t for one moment think that anyone with a true interest in photography would ever intentionally hurt a baby, it is very possible that an honest mistake could happen. No parent wants their baby to be that mistake.  Safety always comes first! 


Sure you might be able to pose a baby in a position where they can balance their own head in their hands for a few minutes, or prop them up for some amazing poses, but the question is “Why would you risk the safety of your child?” All those set-ups can be achieved safely with the use of composites and cloning with no risk to your new baby. This is more work in the post production phase for me when I edit the images, sometimes combining 3 different images, but its more important to keep your newborn safe at all times.


For the safety of your brand new bundle of joy consider paying the extra to ensure you do not only get top quality imagery but most importantly you have peace of mind that the safety of your child is your photographers number one priority!


For parents looking for a professional photographer practising safe newborn posing visit the BANPAS site for parents. Become educated in what's safe and what's not in the world of Newborn Photography.


Baby and Newborn Photography Association

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