Amazing Cookie Monster Cake Smash | #cakesmashlondon

You wouldn't believe the distance my clients are willing to travel to have a photo shoot with us here at Roxie Art Photography. Travelling all the way from London, West London and North London to have their babies cake smash sessions with us.

When I asked them why they book me the answer was "because we loved your style Roxie, its so pure looking and whimsical!" It makes me so happy that my clients value my work this much that they are willing to travel over an hour and a half to have these memories.

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First Birthday Cake Smash for Boys

We have an array of unique backdrops and themes to choose from to suit your baby's personality and if you cant find a theme you like we will work with you to achieve what you have in mind for your little one's 1st Birthday Cake smash. Who makes the cakes? The very talented Natalie prepares cakes for almost all of our clients, we can take car of every thing from Backdrops,Props, cake smash Outfits and the cake!

See you soon!